Women at greater danger from pokies

The Age (Australia) 18 Feb 2012
THE number of women gambling is increasing and ease of access to poker machines is a key factor in producing problem gambling in women, new government funded research has found. The new report by the Responsible Gambling Advocacy Centre, Women and Gambling: Issues of Difference found women are likely than men to become problem gamblers later in life and take longer to recover from problem gambling. ”Women are more likely to gamble in ways that are comparatively isolated, that require low or no levels of social interaction and are likely to be motivated to gamble as an escape from problems,” the research found.

….. Samiro Douglas from the Women’s Information and Referral Exchange said she believed gambling problems were under-reported by women. ”Women do not disclose gambling problems easily… how would a woman balance the perception of herself as being a good mother and also a gambler? I think think there is a greater stigma for a woman to say she has got a problem with the pokies,” she said. ”It is kind of like spending your money on the pokies and being a good mother doesn’t equate, society would really judge that more.”She said this stigma may prevent some women seeking help.