Why I feel for the kids of ego-trippers

OPINION Rosemary McLeod
Dominion Post 23 Feb 2012
Maybe having kids is egotistical. You think you’ll somehow live on forever through your amazingly gifted and beautiful descendants. All I know is the whole thing was always a lottery, and despite the pill and the abortion rate, the matter of getting pregnant has become rather strange. Britain’s Beaumont Society, adviser to men who’ve changed sex, has announced an apparent miracle birth in England, where an apparent man has given birth to a real baby. This news has been trumped by a report of another “man” who has given birth three times in – and this seems inevitable – California. The transgender community, says the Californian, has set upon him/her nastily for what it may feel is disloyalty. He/she is photographed sitting up in bed with the new number three, looking like a rather plain woman, which in fact let’s not beat about the bush is what he/she is….

…..That brings me to the second big ego-tripper of the week, another Californian. Trent Arsenault is a proud 36-year-old virgin who has so far fathered 15 children via an age-old but usually uncelebrated manual art. He’s a software engineer and is European, which probably makes him ideal for the purpose if you’re racially prejudiced, but he does look goofy. That makes you wonder if the women who’ve hatched his offspring paused, in their eagerness to be fertilised, to wonder about the genes that create personality…