Street Workers Headache

Manukau Courier 11 Feb 2012
Lace and Craft Shop owner Susan Maxey has been driven out of the Manurewa community by aggressive sex workers, after more than 35 years providing its sewing and craft supplies. Maich Rd is just too unsafe for her customers and staff, Maxey says. Used condoms, half-naked sex workers and bad language during office hours were hard enough to stomach, but over the last 18 months the issues have ”snowballed”, she claims. Prostitutes have become more aggressive, accosting passersby and cat fighting amongst themselves on the corner of Northcrest Way and Maich Rd – meaning customers have stayed away. ”They’d say ‘Love the shop! But we don’t want to see that – and we don’t want our children to see that’.” Other customers complained their husbands and partners were constantly accosted, Maxey says. The final straw came when a customer had to rescue an elderly man who was threatened at knifepoint by a sex worker.