Sex business exposed in main area of Takapuna

North Shore Times 16 Feb 2012
A brothel masquerading as a legitimate health establishment in Takapuna’s Hurstmere Rd gave an unsuspecting man a shock when he wandered in off the street. The man, who does not wish to be named, says he saw the sign on Hurstmere Rd advertising traditional massage and acupuncture at the establishment called Rita, just off Hurstmere Rd. He went in to see how much it would cost for a massage but was quoted a price for “full service”, he says. The man says the women were dressed in skimpy clothes and he was given a tour of the different rooms. “I don’t think it should be allowed in the main street of Takapuna,” he says. The man says he is disappointed that Takapuna has stooped to that level.

….Massage New Zealand executive officer Marianne Macdonald says the sex industry’s use of the term massage and massage parlour leads to confusion and this needs to change. Legitimate massage therapists get distressed by phone calls to their homes from people wanting sex services, Ms Macdonald says. She says “it’s just outrageous” that a Takapuna business advertising acupuncture and massage would offer “extras”.