Radio station’s divorce promo ‘cowardly’ 10 Feb 2012
A Valentine’s Day promotion by an Auckland-based radio station to spring a divorce on an unsuspecting spouse has been slammed as “cowardly and disrespectful” by a relationship counselling organisation. The Rock hosts Robert Taylor and Jono Pryor – who are also behind the aggravating Wind Up Your Wife stunts on the Drive show – are offering to “lend a helping hand” to a not-so-in-love couple on what is meant to be the most romantic day of the year. The MediaWorks-owned station will pay for the divorce provided there are no children involved and the person being dropped only learns their relationship is over live on air. Mary Gray, executive director of Home and Family Counselling, said the breakdown of a relationship was “no laughing matter” and should be taken seriously. “We find the promotion a very cowardly and disrespectful response to a very serious problem between two people,” she said. “We would like to see anyone breaking off a relationship to do so with courage and respect.”