Parents divided on controversial daycare report

NZ Herald 8 Feb 2012
A controversial new report that claims daycare could be harmful to children has revealed a deep divide among parents on how best to raise their kids. The report, from conservative lobby group Family First, found separating children from their parents to put them in daycare was a significant source of stress for many children, which could be harmful to their immune systems. Its author, British psychologist Aric Sigman, has been criticised for the research on which the report was based, with one prominent debunker last year labelling it “deliberately incomplete”. The report’s publication, which comes after recent controversy over breastfeeding, has revealed a wide range in opinions over whether young children should in daycare. In an unscientific poll on, 68 per cent of about 8000 voters said daycare was not harmful to children, while 32 per cent believed it was. Some readers called the report “mother-bashing” while others agreed young children should be cared for by their parents.