Wellington leader in gay union stakes

Dominion Post 8 Jan 2012
Civil union figures suggest Wellington is the country’s gay capital. There have been 1936 civil unions in the past five years, with Auckland recording the most with 653. But by head of population, Wellington is the clear leader, with one civil union for every 1452 people, compared to Auckland’s one for every 1996 people. The civil union figures include 395 opposite sex unions, and include 334 civil unions of people from overseas. Conservative Christchurch lags far behind, almost half of Wellington’s rate, with one civil union for every 2704 people.

…Auckland civil union celebrant Neville Creighton, said he had not done a civil union in more than a year and he suspected many gay couples were not bothering with formalising their arrangements.

….The civil union figures show female couples have had more civil unions than male – 771 to 499 – though marginally more male couples come from overseas to have civil unions than female couples – 156 to 135. Civil unions were first celebrated on April 29, 2005. Up to the end of 2010, 51 of those unions had been dissolved. Of the opposite-sex civil unions, 29 transferred there unions to a marriage, while four marriages transferred to a civil union in the same period. Creighton said civil unions were still regarded as a secondary option by some in the gay community. A gay couple in a civil union could not adopt, like a married couple, and the term still rankled. “I have noticed some of the guys talking about their weddings now though.”