New Zealand’s biggest brothel controversies

NZ Herald 17 January 2012
John and Michael Chow’s proposed 15-storey brothel in the heart of Auckland City is just the latest in a long line of brothel controversies in New Zealand. Whether it is the proximity of the brothel to schools, or who owns the building the brothel is run from, brothels and headlines go hand in hand.

Not in my backyard!
Few people seem to want brothels in their neighbourhoods, and even fewer people want them near their child’s school. Recent years have several cases of angry residents protest and lobby local government after brothels have popped up near schools, churches and in residential streets across New Zealand. Under the Prostitution Reform Act, which legalised prostitution in 2003, councils have the power to decide where brothels are located. However, in several bylaws restricting brothel locations have been found to be invalid. In a poll in March last year of 1000 people, 66 per cent thought the law should be amended to ban brothels in residential areas, while 26 per cent did not think the law should change, and 8 per cent were unsure.