Conservative young cautious on sex education

Sunday Star Times 8 Jan 2012
Sex education could be too much for conservative Kiwi youths, a new poll has found. A nationwide poll of 600 people aged 15-21 found they held conservative views on sex issues. Only 19 per cent agreed that schools should teach safe sex, rather than abstinence and the consequences of sex, while 42 per cent wanted a combination of both – especially older teenagers. The poll was done by Curia Market Research for Family First New Zealand – a conservative values lobby group. Director Bob McCoskrie said the results were a direct reproach from young people against “safe sex” messages around condoms, and that “everyone is doing it”. “Many parents were horrified last year when details of what was being taught surfaced. Sex education has been an utter failure.” He said New Zealand had one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the OECD, disease rates were “out of control”, and the number of teenage abortions continued to rise at the same time as some groups were saying as long as a condom was used you could do what you liked in terms of “promiscuity, experimentation, and fringe behaviours”.

Family Planning chief executive Jackie Edmond said it was no surprise young people wanted comprehensive sex education. “Young people do better with sex education that is a whole range of components, not just one.” But she said no organisation advocated safe sex alone, and lessons included being taught about negotiation, delay and relationship management.

And the response???
Lift in teen STDs
Newstalk ZB 8 Jan 2012
There is a feeling changing the way teenagers are taught sex education would see a lift in the number of young people with STDs. Lobby group Family First have made calls to revamp the way sex education is taught in schools. The calls follow a recent survey of 600 15 to 21 year olds, which quizzed them about sex education, the rights of the unborn child, and teenage pregnancies. Youth health expert Sue Bagshaw says telling kids they cannot do something makes them more likely to do it. She says research shows teenagers in the US who’ve had the abstinence message preached to them are more likely to go out and run amok