One liquor shop too many

Christchurch Mail 8 Dec 2011
Wayne Hawker, once described as Phillipstown’s “community rottweiler”, is sinking his teeth into his latest battle – to stop a new liquor store being built in the heart of the suburb. The 54-year-old baker has been handing out submission forms and garnering support from residents and businesses to oppose the liquor licence application for 9 Stanmore Rd, which is right across the road from a park. He was also prepared to organise a protest march on the issue in the coming weeks. “I don’t give up easily.” Mr Hawker said there were already 10 off- site liquor stores within a three kilometre radius of the site of the proposed new store. The community did not need another one.

…CHRISTCHURCH COULD end up “looking like South Auckland” if the city’s liquor store trade is not brought under control, says the head of the police alcohol strategy unit. Sergeant Alistair Lawn said he had grave concerns about the number of outlets, and it was time the city council and the Government took action on the issue. But the mayor says they are powerless to stop more liquor stores from springing up