CYF doubles compensation payouts in 2011

3 News 28 Dec 2011
The amount of compensation Child, Youth and Family paid out in 2011 for failing those in its care has more than doubled from the previous year. The government agency forked out a little over $837,000 this year to settle 55 claims, up from $335,000 from 31 cases in 2010. In some of the cases more than one person got a payout. The Ministry of Social Development released the information to lobby group Family First after an official request…

Family First’s national director Bob McCoskrie said the figures illustrated the need to have an independent complaints authority. “CYF do an important job in difficult circumstances and limited resources, but it is essential that there is external accountability for their actions. “Ex gratia payments are made well after the damage has been done,” he said. Mr McCoskrie said there were other independent bodies to hear complaints and an authority would give the public some peace of mind. “(It) will ensure that appropriate policy and procedures have been followed, will be in the best interests of the social workers, and will result in public confidence and accountability for actions and decisions by CYF workers.”

CYF payments more than double 28/12/2011
Payments from the Ministry of Social Development for failing those in its care more than doubled in the latest financial year as work on dealing with historic abuse claims speeds up….Labour’s Social Development spokesperson Jacinda Ardern said the figures were “a stark admission that too often state care is substandard”. A bipartisan approach to child welfare must be the Government’s first priority in 2012, she said. “I agree that the ministry has a moral obligation to compensate those victimised while supposedly in the safe hands of state care. But the significant increase in payouts in 2011 is unacceptable. “Paula Bennett is now into her second term as social development minister; progress on child welfare is in her hands,” Ardern said… Ardern said Labour was open to investigating the benefits of an independent body to hear current complaints, but ensuring agencies were operating as effectively as possible should be the first priority.

CYF pays out $1m in compensation
NZ Herald 

CYF pays out more than $1m in two years
Radio NZ
Child Youth and Family has paid out more than $1 million compensation over the past two years for failing those in its care….. A spokesoman for lobby group Family First, Bob McCoskrie, says the amount of compensation paid out shows that social workers aren’t performing well enough. He says an independent complaints process is needed. “You get the accountability, you get public confidence, and social workers are defended because it means that an independent body has ratified what they’ve done.” Mr McCroskrie said more matters could be resolved out before they reach the compensation stage.$1m-in-two-years