Councillor says council doing nothing to clear prostitutes

3 News 9 Dec 2011
A Christchurch City councillor is accusing his council of doing nothing to stop prostitutes soliciting in the suburbs. After the February quake, the prostitutes’ usual haunts were cordoned off inside the city so they moved a couple of blocks north, into the residential area of St Albans. Residents wish to remain anonymous but say they have had enough. “We have noise and that’s constant all night every night. Prostitutes often yell out, calling out prices – most of the residents know the going rates for services,” says one resident.

Now a city councillor has come out in their support. He says the council is being gutless and that it’s time to enforce a bylaw which restricts trading in a public place without a licence. “I think they should look at taking the Council to court for not being responsible for looking after their neighbourhood,” says Christchurch City councillor, Aaron Keown. Mayor Bob Parker, however, says under the current law it is virtually impossible to move the prostitutes on. The Council plans to link up with Auckland City to lobby the government to pass laws that would enable the councils to act.