Too-soft mums ‘put sons at risk’

Dominion Post 17 Nov 2011
Controversial social commentator Celia Lashlie has lashed out at mothers who mollycoddle their sons, saying many teenage boys are killed on the roads because their mums smother them and refuse to let them discover the consequences of their own actions. Speaking to a Traffic Institute conference in Hamilton yesterday, the former prison officer turned author admonished wealthy, so-called “helicopter mums”, who “hover” over their sons, refusing to accept they can be blamed for anything. “I am saddened by how many boys we lose,” she said. “Part of the reason, I think, why we have the carnage we have on our roads is because the first time he gets freedom from his mother is when he buys a car. “And suddenly he starts to practise his decision making and he runs the orange light and a truck is coming the other way.” Society needs to care enough about boys to say no, she said.