Mums carry dads in housework stakes

Herald Sun 17 Nov 2011
Young working mums are the most time-poor people in the nation, a report shows. The fairer sex is ploughing on average two hours a day more than men into housework, childcare and shopping, the report into Australians use of time found. But most women were satisfied with their partner’s efforts with children and chores. About 35 per cent of women were unhappy with the time their partner spends looking after the children, while 65 per cent said they were satisfied or very satisfied. Sixty per cent of young mums feel they do the lion’s share of the housework, compared with 50 per cent of childless women. A third of women were not happy with their partner’s share of the load, but 65 per cent were satisfied, the AMP/National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling research found. Only 19 per cent of men were not content with their partner’s input into the housework, the Income and Wealth: Race Against Time report found. The report says Australian full-time weekly work hours have increased by almost three hours for men and two hours for women since 1985 to an average 42.3 hours for men and 38.6 hours for women