Rise in sex disease ‘fault of drink and film culture’

NZ Herald 27 Oct 2011
New Zealand’s chlamydia rate is getting worse because of excessive drinking by young people and a Hollywood-inspired culture of sex without commitment, specialists say. Nationally more than 8000 cases of the sexual infection were treated in clinics last year, up from 6959 in 2006. “We have all the media in the world encouraging people to have sex as if it’s okay with no real emotional involvement. All the big Hollywood stars do it, they do it on all the sitcoms on television,” said Auckland sexual health specialist Dr Janet Say.

Throughout much of New Zealand, testing volumes and reported infection rates for chlamydia trebled in the decade to 2008, shows a study led by Dr Jane Morgan, Waikato Hospital’s head of sexual health services. The team also found that hospital admission rates were increasing for young women with pelvic inflammatory disease – a complication of chlamydia, a highly infectious, sexually transmitted disease which, for many, has no symptoms.