Pro-gay marriage protest of 100 hits Parliament

3 News 20 Oct 2011
Hundreds (actually – only 100)of gay New Zealanders descended on Parliament this afternoon in a bid to convince the Government to legalise same-sex marriage and allow same-sex couples to adopt children. Currently, same-sex couples can get a civil union but cannot get married and as a couple, cannot adopt children but individually, they can. Today’s protest was organised by Joseph Habgood, president of the Legalise Love campaign, and made its way from Wellington’s civic square, along Lambton Quay and up to Parliament. He says gay marriage is becoming “less and less of a controversial issue” and “recent polling shows six out of 10 New Zealanders support it”. WRONG – more oppose than support – read our research poll (under ‘Issues’)

…Labour MP Maryan Street says Labour, which introduced civil unions when they were last in Government, has unfinished business when it comes to the issue. “We would like to take the public with us on these issues. We think the time is right, the number of young people coming along and picking up these issues shows us that there is a new generation with a different approach to these things. “So as social opinion shifts, we would like to go with that social opinion and lead it if necessary.” Ms Street says she knows Labour’s plans will be met with opposition. “Family First will not agree with us on these 🙂 matters but when you focus on the care of children and who is best able to provide the best quality care for children, then most New Zealanders get that, they understand that and they don’t polarise into extreme positions,” she says.