Working mums left behind in exercise routines

Herald Sun 29 Sep 2011
Working mums are being urged to get moving after research reveals they are the worst offenders for not exercising. Just one in five women with children aged under 18 met the national physical activity guidelines of 30 minutes of moderate exercise on most days, Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows. Physical Activity Australia chief executive Fiona Bailey said: “Working mothers tend to put other members of their families, in particular their children’s health and wellbeing, before their own.” It was important for mums to exercise, not only to improve their own health, but to set a good example for their children. “Being physically inactive can lead to overweight and obesity, which can increase the risk of developing a number of chronic health conditions,” Ms Bailey said.

The research also found women who worked 16-34 hours a week were more likely to be sedentary or exercised at lower levels than women who worked 1-15 hours. “This may be because they have more difficulty finding time between work and caring for their children to exercise than women who work less,” Ms Bailey said.