Why grandparents secretly think their children are such poor parents

Daily Mail (UK) 1st September 2011

Children are ill-disciplined, bad-mannered, disrespectful and treated too leniently – according to their grandparents. Changing attitudes mean most parents no longer reprimand their offspring with the age-old methods of a smack or sending them to bed without dinner because they fear upsetting them. But their grandparents believe this is to the detriment of the children’s manners and moral values, research has revealed.
Instead of traditional punishments, modern parents tend to favour softer options, such as stopping their children from watching television or confiscating their mobile phones. As a result, two-thirds of grandparents believe their grandchildren are not as firmly disciplined as their own children were. Three in ten said their grandchildren lacked any discipline at all, and one in six grandparents think their offspring have failed as parents and don’t set clear behavioural boundaries.

…..When they were raising children, today’s grandparents were most likely to ground (49 per cent), smack (45 per cent) or send their children to their bedroom (49 per cent) as a punishment. When their children misbehaved they also faced receiving no pocket money (33 per cent), being sent to bed with no dinner (12 per cent) and having their ears boxed (seven per cent). But modern parents take a very different approach. Only 11 per cent of children are smacked if they misbehave, and only 21 per cent receive no pocket money as a punishment.