School drug busts – apparently it’s a good thing

Notice the response to the worsening trends in these articles – the same responses that come out when our crime rates goes up and our family violence rates go up. Read on….

Drug busts at school
Herald on Sunday Sep 11, 2011
The numbers of students being caught for drug offences are rising. Schools say this is a good thing, as it proves their harder line on drugs is working. Hundreds more students are being caught with drugs in high schools each year, official figures show. A principal at one Auckland college, where 116 students have been stood down for drugs in two-and-a-half years, said his students could buy joints for just $5. Principals say enhanced detection efforts are the main reason for increasing numbers of students being caught with drugs. Some high schools regularly bring in drug dogs. In the first five months of the year, nearly 1000 students were expelled, suspended, excluded or stood down, an Official Information Act request revealed, though the Education Ministry said the numbers were not yet finalised. In the two previous full years, the numbers increased from 2441 to 2690.

Drugs overtake booze among intermediate pupils
Herald on Sunday Sep 11, 2011
There are three times more drug incidents than ones involving alcohol at primary and intermediate schools. Ministry of Education figures obtained under the Official Information Act reveal that 659 students were involved in drug, booze or smoking incidents in primary and intermediate schools last year, down from 696 in 2009. Some of the children were as young as 7. Auckland Primary Principals Association president Terry Hewetson said the trend had changed over the years, with children as young as 11 taking drugs to school rather than booze. Glen Eden Intermediate School had the most incidents, with 26. The principal, Hewetson, said the school’s zero-tolerance approach was the main reason for the large number of reported incidents.

Gee – and I just thought the major problem was that more and more kids are doing it. End of story.

Based on what the principals are saying, no reason for panic.

I completely disagree.