Party Leaders Respond to Family Issues Questionnaire

Media Release 26 Sep 2011
Family First NZ has released the results of a family issues questionnaire which has been sent to leaders of the main political parties. The results can be viewed on their new website .

“The questionnaire finds out the party leaders’ views on issues ranging from marriage, abortion and income splitting to loan sharks, Easter trading laws, same-sex adoption, and broadcasting standards,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“The results show widespread support across the political spectrum for an independent CYF Complaints Authority, concerns around lowering levels of broadcasting standards and the sexualisation of children in our media, the need for stricter regulations on loan sharks, a sinking lid policy on gaming machines, and support for an independent inquiry in to child abuse.”

“There was also a surprising level of uncertainty on the issues of surrogacy, embryonic stem cell research, and euthanasia.”

“Overall, NZ First leader Winston Peter and Conservative Party leader Colin Craig scored highest, with the Greens and Mana party leaders scoring lowest.”

“It is a little ironic that the ACT leader Don Brash was uncertain about his views on the decriminalization of marijuana when completing this questionnaire, yet is now calling for it.”

“It was disappointing that both John Key and Phil Goff and also the Maori party refused to respond to the questionnaire. However, we were able to make some assumptions based on their voting record and on their comments at our recent Forum on the Family which both Key and Goff attended,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“This will be an important resource for voters who are concerned about the family issues highlighted in this questionnaire.”