Child abuse ‘instruction manual’ could be banned

3 News 24 AUG 2011

A book written by Christian fundamentalists from the US that teaches parents how to beat their children could be banned. The book, To Train Up A Child, is being investigated by Internal Affairs after a complaint was made last week. The book promotes using weapons, thumping, smacking, hair pulling and even sitting on them in order to get children to obey – and insists the “conditioning” must cause physical pain. Whitcoulls has removed the book from their website, but it is still available to purchase elsewhere.
….The book has made unlikely allies of former Green MP Sue Bradford, architect of the so-called ‘anti-smacking law’, and Bob McCoskrie, director of Family First which wants the law overturned. Mr McCoskrie says a “light smack on the hand or the bottom” is fine, but the more extreme methods in the book were “completely wrong”.
Both sides in smacking debate appalled by book
NZ Herald 24 Aug 2011 They may been on opposite sides of the smacking debate, but Sue Bradford and Bob McCoskrie are both appalled by a book which teaches parents how to smack, thump and pull children’s hair as a way of disciplining them.