Key and Goff face questions fired by Family First

3 News 08 Jul 2011

Abortion, the drinking age, and euthanasia were top of the agenda at a meeting attended by Prime Minister John Key and Labour leader Phil Goff in Auckland today. The political leaders were put on the spot in front of a socially conservative audience at the Family First conference.
Mr Key took the hard questions from the religious right wing about abortion and whether parents of teenaged girls should be notified first. “I think yes in the main part,” said Mr Key. “Unless there is a very, very good reason, I think the parents should be told.” At the moment, young women aren’t required to tell their parents before an abortion. But the Family First wants the law changed so they are. And on that Key was supportive, but non-committal. “I don’t know if we’ll go and campaign on that.”
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