Goff, Key reveal core beliefs

NZ Herald Jul 9, 2011

John Key believes that his spirit will survive him and Phil Goff believes there is “a force that is beyond mankind” – but neither of our rival leaders believes he is going to heaven. “I don’t believe in an afterlife,” said Mr Goff, simply. Mr Key was a bit more circuitous. “I can’t tell you what happens the moment you die but I don’t believe you go to another form,” he said. “I do think you have a spirit that moves to the next – it’s part of you and it lives on in your children. But I just don’t believe you go off to dancing around in the clouds.” It must be election year, because both party leaders submitted to 45-minute interviews with Family First director Bob McCoskrie in front of 220 people at the annual Forum on the Family at Mangere’s Life Convention Centre yesterday. But on the moral issues that concerned Mr McCoskrie, they were surprisingly akin. Both were prepared to look at same-sex adoptions, both supported a split drinking age of 20 at bottle stores and 18 in pubs, both were sympathetic towards euthanasia, and neither had any stomach for changing the laws on smacking or abortion. “They were like twins,” said one listener afterwards.