Free condoms weren’t up to scratch

Herald on Sunday Jul 31, 2011

It was the most complained about marketing stunt in New Zealand – but Hell Pizza’s mass condom drop may have spawned more than just a few angry customers. This week it emerged that the more than 300,000 condoms distributed by Hell in 2006 failed to meet Ministry of Health guidelines. And it appears that at least one child was conceived by a couple who used the condoms, which had been manufactured in China at a cost of 7 cents each. The couple, who the Herald on Sunday has agreed not to identify, refer to their now 3-year-old child as “our little Hell Pizza baby”. The child is blissfully unaware that he could be an inadvertent by-product of the Hell Pizza campaign. A Ministry of Health spokeswoman confirmed this week that Hell had destroyed what was left of its condom supply after being notified they failed specifications.