Edgeware quake site lures sex workers

Star Canterbury 11th July 2011 

Residents are disgusted about prostitutes carrying out their business in a car park opposite the Edgeware shops and want something to be done about it. Sex workers have been taking clients to the car park on the corner of Edgeware Rd near Trafalgar St because their usual central city haunts are out of bounds in the red zone. But they have been leaving condoms at the site, appalling people who live nearby.

….Family First director Bob McCoskrie said it was a “disgrace” children and families were being exposed to prostitution in the suburbs. “And for Christchurch families to have to deal with this problem while dealing with the trauma of recent events is completely unacceptable,” he said. However, Canterbury District Health Board Community and Public Health sexual health team leader Chris Woods said while the used condoms are completely undesirable and unsightly, they are not currently a public health risk. But it is advisable to avoid contact just as you normally would do with any rubbish, or the likes of things such as dog faeces, that occasional appear in public places.