Prostitution bill loses way

Manukau Courier 21 June 2011

A bill giving Auckland Council the power to ban street prostitution in public places like Hunters Corner and Northcrest looks unlikely to be passed into law, the MP sponsoring it says. Manurewa MP George Hawkins says soundings among MPs from all parties indicate the bill “won’t get very far at all” even if it gets out of select committee before the November elections.There’s little support for it, despite MPs voting 82-36 last September to send it for public submissions, Mr Hawkins says. “People from right across the House weren’t in favour of seeing the bill passed into law but they were prepared to let people have their say on it in select committee.” The bill, originally promoted by the old Manukau City Council, is now being amended by the Auckland Council to apply regionwide. Extending it to “a third of New Zealand’s population” is likely to reduce its already slim chances, Mr Hawkins says. “I never try to second-guess Parliament but it’s not likely to pass in its present form and probably won’t pass in amended form. I don’t think any of the main parties are wanting to go back and talk about prostitution at all.”
Bid to control camera
Manukau Courier 21 June 2011
Fed-up Hunters Corner retailers might soon be able to take security surveillance into their own hands to combat long-running problems with street prostitution and late night bars. The Auckland Council is being asked for around $150,000 for a control room in the town centre where business association security staff can monitor CCTVs round the clock. It’s the simplest way to rid Hunters Corner of its street prostitution problems, Manukau ward councillor Arthur Anae says.