Govt supports immunisation report

3 News 23 Jun 2011 

The Government wants to ensure every New Zealand child has the chance to be protected against preventable diseases, Health Minister Tony Ryall announced yesterday. The Government has released its response to the Health Select Committee’s recommendations for increasing New Zealand’s immunisation rates to levels that stop outbreaks of infectious diseases like measles. The Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) yesterday confirmed 26 cases of measles, in the largest outbreak in Auckland this year. Currently 90 percent of New Zealand two-year-olds have had all the recommended immunisations. The immunisation target is 95 percent by July 2012. “About 90 percent” of parents support immunisation, Mr Ryall says, and about 5 percent make a deliberate choice not to immunise. The report does not suggest making immunisation compulsory, rather targeting the 5 percent of parents who “haven’t made a decision, haven’t got around to it, or more worryingly, haven’t seen a doctor”.
LISTEN Health Mnister Tony Ryall – NOT compulsory