Doctor’s violence cure: No TV

NZ Herald Jun 17, 2011

The author of a landmark study of violence against children says the easiest way for parents to do something about it is to turn off violent television shows. The study of 2077 children aged 9 to 13 found that New Zealand “appears to be a more violent country for children than was previously realised”. Almost two-thirds (63 per cent) of the children had been the victims of physical violence at some stage in their lives, and 53 per cent had suffered it in the year of the survey, compared with overseas rates of 50 per cent in the US and Italy and 33 per cent in Britain.

….The study’s lead author, Dr Janis Carroll-Lind, said all kinds of experiences of violence contributed to problem behaviour. “Where you have a child exposed to violence themselves, and maybe had an abusive childhood, watching violence on television is yet another trigger. That is the one thing that we could change quickly. Parents can make a choice as to what their children are watching or what video games they are playing.”