Call to ban expletive-laden ‘kids’ book parody

TVNZ June 11, 2011

Anti-family violence campaigners are up-in-arms over the imminent release of an offensive parody of a children’s bedtime book. The book, entitled Go the F*** to Sleep by Adam Mansbach, looks and sounds like an ordinary kids’ book, but has swear words on every page. “The book features a father trying to get his young child to sleep – a common experience of parents. It is littered with offensive language, but most disturbingly, looks and sounds just like a children’s book,” said Family First director Bob McCoskrie. McCoskrie understands the book is now about to hit shelves in New Zealand, after being available online for months, and going viral via websites like Facebook. The advocacy group are worried about the effects it may have on dysfunctional parents, and are now calling on bookstores to ban its sale. “While in an adult context, the book may be harmless and even amusing, we have grave concerns about its effect on aggressive and dysfunctional parents, and also on children who are attracted to the book,” said McCoskrie. McCoskrie said it trivialises verbal abuse and intolerance of children at a time when New Zealand is battling family violence.