‘Take a stand against the brothel’

Ashburton Guardian May 14 2011

The Ashburton District Council should take a moral rather than a legislative approach to allowing a brothel to set up in residential Ashburton, a family advocate group says. National director of Family First, Bob McCoskrie, said the application by a Christchurch woman to establish the brothel in Ashburton should be rejected by the council, rather than granted just because it fitted within its bylaws. The organisation had been contacted by several families who are angry the council said its hands were tied when it came to saying no to the brothel proposal. The council might be reluctant to take a moral line, but the families were not prepared to sit back and allow the brothel to become established, Mr McCoskrie said. “I’ve already heard murmurings of public protests and the monitoring and photographing of clients coming and going.
“Councils have every right under the law to restrict the location of brothels. A brothel has no place next to a family home.” While he might have some sympathy with people who were opposed to the brothel, Ashburton Mayor Angus McKay said the council was bound by the prostitution reform act. This in turn determined how the council wrote its bylaws to cover such an activity