Ban on naughty corner, easter egg hunts (Aust)

The Australian April 04, 2011

Childcare workers who send tantrum-throwing toddlers to “time out” risk hefty fines under national childcare laws to come into force next year. New regulations will expose childcare centres to penalties if children are required to take part in religious or cultural activities, such as Christmas tree decoration or Easter egg hunts. And family daycare providers will have to carry out criminal checks on neighbours, friends or relatives who visit their homes more than seven times a year while children are present. …..Childcare centres had banned smacking, and no longer used the “naughty corner” technique of isolating children who were violent or disobedient, she said. …Early Childhood Australia, a lobby group representing young children, said “separation” meant putting children in isolation. “They’re not talking about separating children who are fighting,” ECA chief Pam Cahir said. “Physical punishment is out. Staff need to sit with children and talk through the situation.”