TV fights to show sex scenes

Sunday Star Times 27/03/2011
TELEVISION’S TWO major rivals have put aside their differences for a court battle to get sex scenes past the Broadcasting Standards Authority. Their lawyer, Julian Miles QC, has gone as far as challenging the Broadcasting Standards Authority to reach rational decisions, not personal ones. Both TVNZ and TV3 say the authority has become increasingly conservative. They say recent rulings are at odds with decisions in the past, and have blamed that on changes to the make-up of the authority because the rulings have “obviously been influenced by the change of membership”. Although stopping short of saying the authority has been stacked with conservatives, they say it has been tougher on the “good taste and decency” standard since two new members, including the chairman, were appointed under National in late 2009. But not everyone is unhappy. Family First has acknowledged meeting with the authority and Broadcasting Minister Jonathan Coleman last year, and spokesman Bob McCroskie said he applauded the new direction.