Mothers have just 26 minutes to themselves each day

Telegraph (UK) 08 Mar 2011
Over half of mothers in Britain believe that they have less time to themselves compared with their own mothers, according to a survey. Despite a generation enjoying unparalleled advances in technology, the average mother has just 26 minutes to herself each day, the report suggested. Many mothers told the researchers that they found the pressure to be a “perfect parent”, while also juggling a career, meant they were left with precious little time to relax or carry out activities solely for themselves. The survey of 1,000 mothers was undertaken for Procter and Gamble, the household products company, jointly with the Social Issues Research Centre (SIRC). It found that 56 per cent of mothers felt they had either the same amount of free time as their own mothers or even less. On average, today’s mothers had only 26 minutes per day of “me time”. The time created by labour-saving products is now largely spent in paid employment outside of the home, which has gone from 17 per cent of mothers in the 1950s to 65 per cent in 2001. And the amount of time devoted specifically to “active” childcare has also increased substantially – more than cancelling out any time saved by these products, the report suggested.