Christian parents jailed for opposing sex education

OneNewsNow – 3/9/2011
In Germany, several parents have been jailed for keeping their children from attending sex-education programs at school. Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) legal counsel Roger Kiska tells OneNewsNow that the German school system has made it mandatory for nine- and ten-year-olds to participate in the programs, including an interactive play. “The purpose of the play, they say, is to prevent abuse,” says Kiska, “but what they’re teaching is that if it feels good, do it.” According to the attorney, many Christian parents objected to the programs’ content. “They believed that under international law and [under] German law, they had every right to remove their children from those classes and instill in their children their own Christian beliefs about sexuality and love and marriage and chastity — and for this, ten parents have been sent to jail.” One mother remains in jail. ADF has filed an emergency order to the European Courts of Human Rights calling for her immediate release.