Christchurch earthquake: Sex workers’ location shift angers residents

NZ Herald Mar 11, 2011
Sex is still selling in Christchurch – but central-city cordons have forced prostitutes into residential areas, enraging homeowners who say they don’t want “skanks” working their street. For years, prostitutes have plied their trade in Manchester St between Bealey Ave and Oxford Tce. But that area is now in the Civil Defence “red zone” and cannot be accessed. Now, keen to stay near their usual stamping ground, the girls have moved further down Manchester St to a residential area. The Herald was speaking to several prostitutes on Thursday night when residents came charging out of their homes armed with torches and cameras. They photographed one prostitute and her minder and argued with them both, telling them to get away from their homes. “Sure, we’re Manchester St, but this is a residential area,” said one man who has lived there for more than 20 years. For the last 20 years the deal was that the skanks stayed in the area over Bealey Ave. We kind of accepted it. But now the skanks are hanging out here, they cross up and down the street and people are really nervous about them and the traffic and people they are attracting. Yes, it’s legal, but it still doesn’t make it right or acceptable near the homes of decent people. If you have one skank, other skanks will come. It just escalates. Where do you draw the line?” The man said used condoms had been found in front yards and claimed one sex worker had been to the toilet on his driveway.