Working parents battle neglect guilt

Herald Sun (Aust) February 07, 2011
MOST mums and dads believe their children benefit emotionally from having a parent who stays at home, a survey of families reveals. A national online poll of 1200 Australian parents found that many working parents feared they neglected their children. The poll, commissioned by life insurance campaign Lifewise, found 55 per cent of Victorian mums and dads devoted fewer than four hours a day to parenting. Seven in 10 Victorians quizzed said they wanted to spend more time with their children. Almost 60 per cent of Melburnians and half regional Victorians had taken a “sickie” to have a day with the family. …Focus On The Family therapist Deb Sorensen said being at home with young children helped them to form healthy attachments and relationships. Ms Sorensen stayed home until three of her children were at least in kindergarten. “I wanted them to be able to bond with me, to give them a sense of security and belonging and to speak to them on the spot if something happened, rather than giving that responsibility to someone who may not have shared my values,” she said.