What women REALLY want: To marry a rich man and stay at home with the children

Daily Mail (UK) 9th January 2011
Most women still prefer to marry a man who earns more money than themselves and would stay at home with their children if they could afford it, a new survey has revealed. Despite years of equality campaigning and advances for women in the workplace, 64 per cent say they aspire to find a husband who brings home a larger pay packet than themselves. However, only 19 per cent want their other half to be better educated than they are. Instead 62 per cent said they wanted a man to have the same level of intellect, while more than a third thought they were better educated than their other halves. The survey follows controversial research published earlier this week by Dr Catherine Hakim of the London School of Economics, which claimed more women are choosing to ‘marry up’ by picking wealthy men for their spouse than in the 1940s. In her report, published by the Centre for Policy Studies think tank, she said men dominate the top positions because women simply do not want careers in business.
She also criticised David Cameron for backing the idea of quotas to ensure that leading companies appointed more women to their boards.