Prostitute’s offending ‘escalated’

NZPA 14/01/2011
A drug-addicted Chistchurch prostitute bailed after admitting dishonesty offences to support her habit was today remanded in custody after committing further offences. Mother-of-two Sasha Elizabeth Miles pleaded guilty in Christchurch District Court to further offences after pleading guilty in November to 23 charges. The court was told that her children, aged six and 15, had been in the care of friend since Miles was re-arrested on Wednesday. Judge Michael Crosbie said that due to her “escalating offending” the children may be better with different care arrangements. Among the pleas on November 10, 37-year-old Miles admitted using a bank card and personal identification number from one of her clients to get cash. Today she admitted two further charges of dishonestly using documents, two of unlawful possession of knives, possession of a class B drug, and an offence under the Medicines Act.