Primary pupils in drugs figures

The Press 4 Jan 2011
Children as young as seven have been removed from schools for drug, smoking and alcohol offences, new figures show. Ministry of Education figures show that seven-year-old pupils had been suspended or stood down from school for these offences every year between 2007 and 2010. The figures were released to The Press under the Official Information Act. Nearly all the children involved got the substances from home, said Canterbury police district youth services co-ordinator Senior Sergeant John Robinson.
By October there had been, in 2010:
3650 stand-downs and 857 suspensions for continual disobedience.
1451 stand-downs and 1036 suspensions for drug offences.
4321 stand-downs and 620 suspensions for assaulting other pupils.
457 stand-downs and 156 suspensions for assaulting staff.
1033 stand-downs and 114 suspensions for smoking or alcohol offences.
1391 stand-downs and 280 suspensions for theft, vandalism or arson.