McDonald’s accused of homophobia in Wi-Fi service

January 10, 2011 NZPA/ONE News
McDonald’s is being accused of homophobia after it blocked gay websites from its new free Wi-Fi service at its restaurants. People trying to access the lifestyle website discovered they could not find the site, among others, and the website challenged the fast-food giant – which offers free Wi-Fi access in 132 of its restaurants nationwide – to review its access policy. “McDonald’s must by now be able to find a more sophisticated way of judging the suitability of actual content for your restaurants rather than just blocking out wholesale an entire site which provides much valuable and family-friendly lifestyle information and service.”
…Family First NZ says McDonald’s should maintain its “family friendly” policy and continue to ban websites containing explicit sexual material. “Websites containing explicit sexual material and images should continue to be banned by the family restaurant as the welfare and protection of children and families from offensive and inappropriate material is paramount,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “The issue is not about the type of group. It is about the content, and material which is adult-rated should be blocked in a public setting like McDonalds. The same type of filtering should be present in schools and libraries, and McDonald’s are to be congratulated for putting families first.”