Amazon no longer selling guide for paedophiles

3News 12 Nov 2010
Amazon is no longer selling a self-published guide for paedophiles. It wasn’t immediately clear whether had pulled the item, or whether the author withdrew it. Amazon did not immediately return messages Thursday. The book, The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct offers advice to pedophiles on how to make a sexual encounter with a child as safe as possible. It includes first-person descriptions of such encounters, purportedly written from a child’s point of view. The availability of the book calls into question whether Amazon has any procedures – or even an obligation – to vet books before they are sold in its online stores. The title is an electronic book available for Amazon’s Kindle e-reader and the company’s software for reading Kindle books on mobile phones and computers. Amazon allows authors to submit their own works and shares revenue with them. Amazon issues guidelines banning certain materials, including those deemed offensive. However, the company doesn’t elaborate on what constitutes offensive content, saying simply that it is “probably what you would expect.” Amazon also doesn’t promise to remove or protect any one category of books. Once discovered Wednesday, the book triggered outrage from commenters on sites such as Twitter. Some people threatened to boycott the online store until Amazon removed the book. Two petitions on Facebook alone won more than 13,500 supporters.
Bob McCoskrie on National Radio’s Checkpoint 12 Nov 2010