Teach us about family values, say teenagers: How to be a parent is their sex education priority


Daily Mail (UK) 2nd December 2010
Teenagers would rather be taught about family values than about sex, a survey has found. They see the responsibilities of being a parent as the number one ‘fact of life’ – ahead of sexual intercourse, contraception and sexually-transmitted infections. The findings suggest the current emphasis in schools on the mechanics of sexual intercourse including how to use a condom does not match the priorities of youngsters. Nearly half of girls say they want sex education to focus on the consequences of pregnancy, not the biology of sex. The survey of 13 to 16-year-olds also found that more than a third of boys want to know what ‘being a parent’ is all about and that no issue was deemed more important by so many. Experts from Hull University said they were surprised the majority of teenagers they surveyed support ‘moral’ ideas about having sex.