Study shows the things mums lie about

The Advertiser (Aust) November 08, 2010
Sleep is the No. 1 topic about which mums lie to each other, with whoppers also told about nits, bed times, sickness, yelling and kids milestones, experts say. A News Limited survey of mothers and parenting experts has found mums lie when they are anxious to appear in control to others, or feel more capable, rather than make others look bad. Realmums website founder Amanda Cox said: “Motherhood can be competitive sometimes. The big one is sleeping through which for me is 8pm to 8am but for others is 1am to 4am.” Babycare author and lactation consultant Pinky McKay said mothers often did not have the energy to defend what they did, so they lied, The Advertiser reported. “Some women feel everyone else is so together when they feel like they’re falling apart,” she said.