Study reveals drinking / outlet link

Newstalk ZB 31/10/2010
Otago University researchers claim the closer you live to an off-licence the more likely you are to binge drink. It seems there’s a link between the easy availability of alcohol, and the likelihood people will drink to excess. Otago University researchers say people are more likely to binge if there’s an off-licence nearby. Supermarkets, liquor stores and convenience stores were all treated as off-licences for the study. There’s been a similar pattern in overseas studies but they’ve mostly looked at urban populations and factors like homicide and assault rates. Otago University Professor, Jennie Conner, says her research was a representative survey of New Zealanders who they questioned about drinking habits and harm from alcohol. “We found that the more liquor outlets you live close to the more harm you’re likely to report from drinking” she told Newstalk ZB. Professor Conner says the next study needs to focus on the best way to implement policy on controlling alcohol outlets.