Sterilise child-abusing parents, says former Australian ombudsman

Herald Sun October 21, 2010
Parents with a history of child abuse should be forced to have sterilisations, a former Victorian ombudsman says. Norman Geschke, who wrote several scathing reports on child-protection services between 1980 and 1994, said constant state care failings in Victoria compelled him to push the idea of baby bans. Victoria’s Child Safety Commissioner Bernie Geary has savaged the concept as inhumane, but another child protection advocate has said we must look at harsher rules for parents who habitually neglect children. Mr Geschke told the Herald Sun that parents with a history of abuse should be stopped from having more children, to stop the parents “sentencing” vulnerable kids to a life without proper care. A model where drug addicts are paid to have a vasectomy or hysterectomy – being used by a US charity in Britain – should be considered, he said.