Skimpy shorts for 8 year old girls slammed

Bay of Plenty Times 20th October 2010
Who wears short shorts? Girls as young as 8, sometimes, and one lobby group has raised worries over whether these skimpy denim numbers should be donned by young children at all. Short shorts, nicknamed Daisy Dukes after the blonde bombshell who popularised them in the classic TV show The Dukes of Hazzard, have been a common sight around the Bay’s beaches and shopping centres in recent summers.
…Family First director Bob McCoskrie said while his conservative advocacy group had not broached the short shorts issue, research had shown that children encouraged to wear “sexual clothing” early in life were at risk of depression and weight and self-image issues later on. “Children aged 7 or 8 should be dressing like 7 and 8-year-olds … you have to ask, are they wearing these short shorts because they’re comfortable, or because they’re grown up and sexy? Our concern is it’s the latter.” Tauranga child psychotherapist Augustina Driessen agreed it could be psychologically harmful for young girls to copy adult fashions. “They don’t have time to grow up and play like they should be playing.” She believed it was up to the the parents to say no.