Schools buckle under corporal punishment ban

Korea Herald 26 Dec 2010
In less than two months since corporal punishment was banned at schools in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province, a string of incidents seemingly related to the ban has taken place, sparking controversies over the wisdom of the measure. On Dec 16, a male high school student assaulted his female teacher while attempting to leave the classroom. The teacher suffered punches and kicks to her head and body, which landed her in hospital. The incident left many concerned about the state that schools were in after the ban. “As someone who shares the same occupation, I felt extremely outraged when I heard about the incident,” said Kim Jang-won, a high school teacher in Seoul. Further causing outrage among netizens, a viral video that surfaced on Dec. 18 showed a middle school classroom of unruly students asking a young female teacher sexually inappropriate questions, including ones about her first sexual encounter.