Report On Children In Care Prompts UN Response

Voxy 10 September, 2010
A report on the plight of children in state care has prompted the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) to say New Zealand isn’t looking after some of its most vulnerable young people as well as it should. Children’s Commissioner John Angus released the report yesterday, showing many children were being shunted around foster homes with little support. It investigated the quality of care given to about 5200 children in state care, most of them placed with Child, Youth and Family (CYF) caregivers or with extended family.
“We bring these children into state care because their parents have failed to keep them safe, secure and well nurtured,” Mr Angus said. “It’s therefore important that government agencies do their job well…there is evidence of some good work going on but we’re falling short too often.” Mr Angus said the children were not getting access to good health care, they were often denied the opportunity to strive for further education and their cultural and recreational needs were often not being met. The report slammed CYF for dropping “significant numbers of young people…out of care with no support in place” when they turned 17.
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