Parents warned on iPhone dangers

NZ Herald Oct 29, 2010
An iPhone function can let strangers see where children holding the phones are – and a watchdog warns parents to find out exactly what the devices are capable of before bringing them into their homes. Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod, have become the most desired presents this Christmas, with children as young as 3 displaying affinity for the gadgets. But a feature on the phones – a GPS that pinpoints their exact location – has been cited as a potential safety concern. When the feature is switched on, just taking a photo records the phone’s location, making it plain for anyone to see once online. Other applications broadcast where a phone is as part of social networking. Websites have been set up to show people some potential dangers – including one called “Please Rob Me” that discloses where people live and when their houses are vacant. Netsafe development manager Sean Lyons said children and parents must be aware they could be broadcasting where they were in real-time.