Parents Urged To Ditch Time Out Techniques 10 Nov 2010
A punishment-free approach to parenting advocated by a New Zealand couple who discourage the use of time out, yelling, threats and bribery is about to be held up as an international example for others to follow. Genevieve and Dan Simperingham founded The Peaceful Parent Institute four years ago and run nationwide seminars on how to parent in a kind, calm and peaceful manner while maintaining strong, clear and fair boundaries for children. The couple are being filmed by South Korean television station EBS (Educational Broadcasting System) for a documentary about the most contemporary and up-to-the-minute parenting education in New Zealand. “EBS is particularly interested in parenting for children that does not involve punishments and yet still is very effective,” Genevieve explains. “They have already filmed one of our ‘discipline without punishment’ seminars and they’ll be interviewing a number of families we have worked with.” Genevieve says The Peaceful Parent Institute offers a holistic approach to help foster a child’s emotional wellbeing and emotional intelligence. “Although using rewards or threats may work in the short term, adopting a punishment-free approach is a key factor in establishing relationships that are based on trust, mutual respect and for creating a good team spirit in the family,” she says.
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